Clients range from sub £1m revenue early stage firms through to the “Big 4”.  What they have in common is highly ethical leadership teams with a desire to “move the needle”, and strong client delivery capability to provide a base position to grow from.

My clients sit in a variety of positions in the sector and, over recent years, have included organisations involved in management consultancy, private equity, corporate finance, executive coaching, conference organising and delivery, systems integration, software manufacture, and IT implementation and support services.

Given the nature of my work and the sensitivities that can surround this (e.g. when in turnaround or when “packaging up for sale”), I do not identify individual clients unless they are happy that such information be placed into the public domain.  You may see me listed occasionally on the “team” section of firms’ websites, mostly identified as a strategic advisor to their leadership teams.

Should you be interested in becoming a client, I will be pleased to introduce you, in confidence, to relevant existing and previous clients of mine for reference purposes at an appropriate point in our conversations.